Our Services

We are happy to announce that the construction of the shelter to cover 3200 Sq/Ft is now completed.
We are now capable to hold up to 16 loaded pallets ( ULDs) protected from water damage once they are at our facility while breaking down of Import cargo received is in progress.


28 Years of Exceptional Service…


With a dedicated and efficient workforce, ample warehouse space and a comprehensive warehouse management system, SLFFA Cargo Services have been providing excellent service for its customers for nearly two decades.

Our Services,

  • Value added import air cargo services airside at Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake.
  • Demurrage free facility for a period of 3 days from date of arrival of cargo.
  • Provision of value added services such as door to door delivery of import documents by courier. This enables fast release of documents from Agents to their Consignees.
  • Maintaining a 100% error free delivery record.
  • Immediate assistance to all Agent & Consignees to trace their documents/ cargo.
  • Night delivery of cargo and documents.
  • Safe handling of cargo by experienced staff.
  • Availability of Customs staff for speedy & hassle free delivery of cargo.
  • 24 hour customer friendly service.

Our Facilities,

  • A 25,000 sq. ft Customs supervised warehouse for off-loading/transferring cargo.
  • State of the art material handling equipment (Electric Forklifts, Tow tractors, Jack carts, Dollies).
  • A Cool Room for cold storage.
  • A Bond room for the storage of high value / vulnerable cargo.
  • A separate facility for storing dangerous goods.
  • CCTV Camera system covering the entire warehouse with security staff.

Cargo Community Network (CCN)

In 2013, SLFFA Cargo Services Ltd and its partners, Cargo Community Network (CCN) launched their flagship product CCNhub in Sri Lanka.

CCN Hub is a career neutral, secure web portal where agents can check flight schedule availability, place a booking, submit MAWBs, Print HAWBs, track status of shipments and many other functions related to Agents and Airlines. Cargo agents are able to send messages ranging from (FFR – e-booking requests, FWB – AWB Data, FHL – HAWB data, FSR – shipment status requests, FVR/FIR – availability/schedule requests) to airlines and receive messages on (FFA – e-booking agreement, FSA – shipment status answers, FSU – shipment status update, FMA – positive acknowledgement, FNA – error message, FVA/FIA – availability/ schedule answers) from airlines via CCNhub/FTP gateway.

In addition, CCN has the option to connect your in-house system which will provide you the convenience of submitting the AWB and FHL directly via the in-house system. CCNhub is a one-stop-shop for the agents which will benefit from our partner airlines on a carrier neutral, secure web portal – CCNhub which would streamline your cargo handling process. Furthermore, you will be entitled to the ongoing waivers granted by the respective airlines for your e-submissions.


  • E-bookings
    – Ad hoc/Single
    – Multiple
  • Track & Trace shipments
  • AWB Inventory Management & Printing
    – Neutral Airway Bills
    – Preprinted Airway Bills
  • Consol Manifest (FHL) function
  • Flight Schedule & Availability
  • Allotment Management
  • Custom Connectivity